New Year - Bigger Goals

It has been a hot minute since I have showed up around here. The end of the year is usually quite busy for family photographers. Lots of mini sessions and promises of quick turn arounds for those Christmas cards (which, by the way, mine are STILL arriving at peoples homes). I then took off most of December to decompress and enjoy the Holidays with my family.

I wanted to reflect back on 2020 and set a solid outlook for 2021. Truthfully at the beginning of 2020 I was not sure I wanted to continue -- the competition is fierce, the workload can be immense, and plenty of other excuses I could list. But one session turned into two and two into 4 and so on and I ended up having my very best year yet. Whoop, Whoop!

I also learned that I LOVE photographing weddings. Never did I think it would be my jam but hey all doors are open around here!

I was reminded how much I enjoy newborn photography as well. In home, lifestyles, comfortable, relaxed, low pressure ... yep, all of that!

It was so great to see repeat families this year! Meet new families! And even reconnect with college or high school friends.

At the end of the year I am reminded that this is something I am truly passionate about. There is no competition, it is a huge community to rely on. The workload comes in waves and I am certainly getting a better system down.

But as I look ahead and map out my goals for 20201& beyond. There will be more weddings! More Newborns! and more of those beloved family sessions. I can not wait to see you and your family again or meet you for the very first time.

Here is to a wonderful year.

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