New Jersey in-home newborn Session

Cute baby alert! Meet sweet Jameson.

Geographically I am Maryland-based, but if you want me to go to Mexico for your session I'm down. This session was a bit closer than Mexico and if you have followed me all along you know I am a Jersey gal. I travel up there frequently to photograph my family and friends. I also have tried to hold mini-sessions in New Jersey every fall! I live by the motto "have camera, will travel".

Like most of my stories of why I am photographing a family in NJ - these people hold a special place in my heart. Lina (mom) is my brother-in-law's sister! And we have mingled our families and hung out as friends for quite a few years. I also was able to take her maternity photos back in the fall.

Her husband JD is a big 'ol kid himself. (peep the leaf throwing picture). Full transparency, it was my idea, because I know him and I knew he would like it and go along with it. He also owns his own landscaping business so it's fitting.

Jameson is so sweet. So smiley. So happy. So loved! I love seeing him in my son's clothes we handed down. JD and Lina are fantastic and also very chill first-time parents. We are so excited to watch him grow!

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