Milestone Session | The Hampton House | Towson, Md

Would ya look at those eyes?! STUNNING!

Chloe's mom, Jenn, reached out to me so we could set up a milestone session for her daughter who was turning ONE!

What exactly is a milestone session? I use the term to describe anything that is a milestone in your or your family's life. It can be a birthday, a half-birthday, graduation, or an anniversary. It is different from a family session because a milestone focuses on just one person or a milestone for a couple (anniversary). Whereas a family session focuses on multiple people, which has more configurations.

Chloe was a bit camera shy and needed her parents in a few more pictures than they had planned, but it all worked out and we got great images of Chloe and some bonus family ones as well!

I love that they chose to use The Hampton House in Towson. It is a National Park historical site and I love it so much. The mansion is stunning. The open fields provide a beautiful landscape. There are so many small historic buildings that have so much character providing the thing I look for most in a location, versatility!

Happy FIRST birthday, Chloe!

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