Does a rainy day ruin your wedding?

Be honest ... if you are planning your wedding how far out do you start checking the forecast? Do you plan your date using the Farmer's Almanac? Are you checking the monthly forecast historic? You may do all of that or just some of that, but does it even matter? It is a proven fact that Mother Nature will do whatever the heck it wants to. Snow in April? sure. Cool crisp day in August? I've seen it. I know most of us want a perfect weather day (whatever that may mean to you) but I am here to tell you AND show you how rain on your wedding day won't ruin it.

Alyssa and Jay had their spring wedding at the Anchor Inn in Pasadena. They thought about all the details, including a private first look on the dock. I can bet that in Alyssa's plans, it did not include rain. But, alas, it was a very wet, rainy, humid and muggy afternoon.

As the time for the first look approached, the rain had no plan of letting up and Alyssa had her vision of having their first look on the dock at The Anchor Inn. So both she and Jay grabbed their clear umbrellas (which were a quick Amazon purchase when peeking at the weekend forecast) and headed out to the dock.

Spoiler alert: The rain didn't ruin her wedding day. She embraced it and went ahead with her original plans. Her vision was not the sunny, perfect, late spring day at the end of the dock at the Anchor Inn. Her vision was private vows during her first look with her soon-to-be husband. We were able to help her achieve that because she did not let the rain ruin her vision.

Guess what - after the private vows and first look, we stayed out there and took their bridal portraits!! Yup, in the rain, with the umbrellas.

I am still in awe at how beautiful their images turned out. It is so romantic. Alyssa and Jay really wanted to make it to their cocktail hour if possible, but we had a lengthy list of images to get after the ceremony, so the original plan included taking the bridal party pictures before the ceremony as well. And you guessed it - it was still raining. Have no fear, we trudged on.

17 members of the bridal party, plus the bride and groom, each holding their own umbrellas in the rain didn't work. So with a little ingenuity, we doubled them up and it worked!

Luckily, the rain did finally stop right at the ceremony time (which was under a cover anyway so that did not matter) and we were able to get a few without the umbrellas after the ceremony.

The moral of the story is: to remember the ultimate end goal is to marry the love of your life. All the other details, that you spent a lot of time and effort thinking about, planning, and executing are just that, the details. They are not the main event. You and your partner are.

Take a look at all these other details Alyssa and Jay planned for their spring wedding in Pasadena at the Anchor Inn.

We wrapped up the night with a sparkler exit with just her bridal party and it was the most perfect ending to a beautiful wedding day.

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