Bridgette | Maternity | Kingsville, Maryland

Bridgette's husband, Nick, reached out to me around Mother's Day because he wanted to gift his wife a photo session. How freakin' thoughtful. He wasn't sure exactly what kind of session she would want, but he wanted to do all the leg work for her (read: the research) - again, that takes some serious thought. But isn't that really the gift all moms want, things taken off their plate. Brilliant Nick, just brilliant.

Bridgette and Nick are expecting their 2nd baby (who is has since be born & I got to shoot her newborn session too!). At the time of this session they were a cute family of 3.

This is big brother, Noah.

For their session they also brought along Bridgette's mom to help out and she also was able to jump into a few shots. Bringing someone along is such a great idea if you have littles because they are not always going to want to participate the entire session.

This day was blazing hot and very humid. We even tackled this session before 9 AM. Summer sessions, man, I tell ya. But the whole family were troopers. They have such a genuine love and admiration for each other. It was truly a pleasure to photograph them.

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